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Helicopter Recovery

Helicopter recovery can be more involved than just supplying a lorry with a crane.  Recovair have vehicles and equipment to recover any helicopter from an airfield or from the top of a mountain 10,000' high.

We have specialised equipment to move helicopters if the lifting point is damaged or removed.

We can offer:

  • A global recovery services
  • 24 hour land and water recovery
  • Full aviation rescue and recovery insurance
  • Airbag recovery
  • Air ride recovery trailers
  • Fail safe valve systems on cranes
  • Specialised aircraft handling equipment
  • International operators licence
  • Air, sea and road freightable equipment
  • Recovery trackway
  • Recovery advice

Our personnel are:

  • Fully trained to drive airside
  • ALLMI qualified crane operators
  • Aircraft trained technicians
  • Cat 2 CAA fire trained
  • Trained in specialist cutting



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Hangar 4, Thruxton airport, Thruxton,
Hampshire, SP11 8PW

Tel: 01264 771288
E-mail: info@recovair.co.uk