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Extreme Recovery and Underslung Load Works

Recovair Rescue Technicians are trained to a very high standard and are capable of travelling to any part of the world to deal with all types of recovery situations.

Recovair's extreme team are trained in mountain, remote and inhospitable location recoveries.

We work closely with other specialists from around the world. Our technicians are trained to carry out underslung load recoveries and in the use of specialist equipment for extreme recoveries.

We offer:

  • Global recovery solutions
  • Mountain recoveries
  • Underslung load recoveries
  • A complete package
  • Recovair's aircraft harness kits
  • Recovair's moutain rescue equipment


Extreme Recovery and Underslung Loads


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Hangar 4, Thruxton airport, Thruxton,
Hampshire, SP11 8PW

Tel: 01264 771288
E-mail: info@recovair.co.uk